Bob D’s Anatomy of an Image Online Classes








Description: In these small-group, interactive, online classes, Bob will “dissect” two photos to show in detail each step of the 4-Phases of Processing the Digital Image – from photo capture to photo expression. (These classes focus on the conceptual or creative aspects of the PhotoCycleTM ; whereas, the Processing the Digital Image classes focus on the technical aspects of digital image processing.)

▪ A live interactive online classroom
▪ Limited to 10-15 participants
▪ 30-40 minute presentation, followed by 20-30 minutes for optional Q&A

Cost: Varies by course; see registration page

Notes for Interactive Online Classroom
▪ Class will start promptly at time stated

▪ Classroom will open room 15 minutes prior to time stated (Bob will be available for questions prior to session”)
▪ Class connection uses Zoom software. Please ensure Zoom is installed on your computer or Smartphone and is compatible.
▪ PLEASE enter audio using headphones to avoid introducing feedback and background noise into the classroom 

Send your photo to be processed live online at Bob’s – Anatomy of an Image